A secondary school student of Government science Technical college, Bukuru, actually stabbed his teacher to death yesterday.

The young teacher whose name is Danshe was said to have been stabbed in the neck by this student. The student actually came from behind, held him by the neck and stabbed him in the heart. The man was murdered within the school premises in cold blood.

According to Mr Genshak Golak, who shared the news on Facebook, he said that he was very shocked to hear that his friend was mudered. He said that his friend was a very gentle man and cool headed. In his post, it was revealed that they had been friends for over fifteen years, and were rooted in love since their undergraduate days.

Danshe who was mudered just got married last year November, and his wife is just due for delivery for their first child.

Mr Golak, in his post, said; “my friend was the gentlest man I’ve known yet. Highly dedicated and committed to any task given to him…. My sympathies goes to his wife, Akoti, his mother, and the entire family…

Source: Genshak Golak


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