Audu Abubakar who is attached to the Leutmauck Barracks has allegedly stabbed a tailor in the Sabo Area of Ibadan whose name is Ali Abubakar.

According to The Punch newspaper, it was reported that Ali came to see a friend but didn’t meet him in the shop. Meanwhile, Audu also had a colleague who was waiting for that same friend in that same shop.

Later, Audu came to ask of his friend, Saheed, but Ali thought he was talking to his colleague who was in the shop. Because Ali didn’t answer the soldier, this led to a rift.

Ali stated that he went to the shop to see his childhood friend, but he went to the mosque to pray, so he waited for him. He met a soldier in the shop, sat and started fiddling with his phone.

A few minutes later after fiddling with my phone, Audu came and asked of Saheed; Ali thought he was talking to his colleague and he didn’t answer him; it was when he heard him shouting: ‘Are you deaf’?’ that he looked up and Audu slapped and started abusing him.

Ali then told him that if he was the one he was referring to as deaf, then he should not talk to him that way; Audu and his friend then started beating him.

While they were beating him and tearing his clothes, Ali tried his best to leave and went to the palace to report the matter to the elders in the area, who pleaded with him to let the Matter be buried.

Ali went back to collect his phone from the person he gave it to when they were beating him, almost an hour after the incident. Ali later saw his friend, Saheed, and they discussed. Unfortunately, the soldier came back, took a knife and stabbed Ali’s left hand.

It was reported that Ali escaped but the soldier still chased him. Mr Ali is currently in the hospital receiving treatment as he lost sensation on his three fingers.

Some representatives were sent from the Barracks to the hospital to investigate the matter.

Lt Christopher Agu, who confirmed the incident, said investigation was ongoing.

Source: The Punch newspaper


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