A young man on one of the gigantic social media platforms which is Facebook has cried out that his cousin has wrongly been declared as an ESN member.

The Facebook user whose name is Gideon Dominics has taken to his Facebook page to complain after his cousin whose name is Elvis Okafor was wrongly accused as an ESN member.

He actually narrated that Elvis actually went to the Market to buy foodstuffs for his sick mother. He was arrested on his way back home as an ESN member.

His Facebook post reads: “This is my little cousin, Elvis Okafor, have you seen how dramatic NIgeria is? A little boy that went to buy food stuff for his sick mother is now a member of IPOB?

A boy that came back from church and haven’t eaten anything is now brandishing gun as ESN member? Chineke Para Tile. You see the Nigerian magic? Is this how innocent people are being framed up on a daily.S

Source: Gideon Dominics


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