It’s been sixty one days since the Twitter ban. The ban has been enacted by the Federal government since June 5. Due to this, NIgeria has lost millions of Naira.

According to the Netblock costs of shutdown tool, it was calculated that NIgeria may have lost #150.46bn. On every hour to make sure that Twitter is banned in Nigeria, it takes #102.77 million to do that

If you can remember on June 4, that the federal government ordered that the micro blogging app should be banned and that all NIgeria Telecommunication companies should block access to Twitter.

Many agencies and organizations have actually sued President Muhammadu Buhari to ECOWAS court, but all has proved abortive.

The Twitter ban is not only affecting NIgeria economy but also affecting the masses. Many people have complained that their businesses got affected due to the ban

Though some people are using VPN to access Twitter, but sometimes, it is always poor. The people complained that when they get buyers, they won’t be able to get access to them again due to the poor VPN.


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