Messi is getting a deserve and very good transfer move this summer. He’s going from a club (Barcelona FC) that are a basket case at the moment financially, to the richest club in the world probably (PSG), apart from Man City. He will be opportune to keep playing in a team full of superstars, he will be well paid and he is the best player in the world who deserves whatever he gets paid.

He is going to win multiple trophies at PSG and will probably win the Champions League again with the new club which they have being trying to win. He will play in the World Cup next year for Argentina, which could be a good chance of winning the world cup in Qatar, where the owners of PSG are based so there will be a lot of cross-promotion opportunity.

Going forward, for him and his family, he will have a long-term relationship with the state of Qatar.

It is no doubt sad reality that he had to leave Barcelona, but moving to PSG is never a stepping down rather it is a step up move. He has won the lottery, he has won the jackpot and again, he deserves it. Good luck to him in his new adventure in football game.



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