The first child of the late popular lawyer, Gani Fawehinmi, whose name is Mohammed is dead.

According to The PUNCH, it was gathered that the 52-year-old passed on in Lagos on Wednesday.

Mohammed Fawehinmi got his first degree in Business Administration of the University of Lagos which was in 1991.

He then proceeded to obtain a degree in law from the University of Buckingham which is located in England, and was called to Nigerian Bar to be a legal practicioner in 1998.

Mohammed Fawehinmi was actually the Head of Mohammed Fawehinmi’s Chambers, Nigerian Law Publications Limited, Director, Books Industries Nigeria Limited, and Director, Gani Fawehinmi Library & Gallery Limited, before his death.

It was reported that he actually had a terrible accident in 2003 in Lagos which affected his spinal cord and he couldn’t sit well. Due to this he was confined to his wheel chair

The accident also changed his life, which he never saw it coming. Mr Mohammed was unmarried before his death

According to his last interview, he said he has met a lot of women , but he doesn’t want to bother any woman with his condition. He also emphasized that he doesn’t want to marry out of pity.

He also revealed that most of the women he has seen love parties and pleasure. Though few were good, but he said their temperament was nothing to write home about.


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